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3PLEX – one Platform for your entire sales-cycle

3PLEX ist eine Plattform zum Verkauf von komplexen, modularen und variantenreichen Produkten oder 3PLEX is a platform for selling complex, modular and variant-rich products or systems. The core of the software is a 3D configurator with which the products can be planned by the sales department or by the customer itself. Based on the visual planning, prices are calculated and quotations are created automatically. Furthermore, the entire workflow up to delivery is digitized and automated (creation of parts lists, shipping notifications, etc.). 3PLEX can be integrated with all IT systems (CRM, PDM, CAD, ERP, etc.). The modular design of the software means that it can be perfectly adapted to your own needs.

Quick & easy planning for detailed offers with captivating visualizations

Status Quo

complex and lengthy sales process
Communication difficulties with customers, but also internally
Every salesperson tinkers with individual offers, no standards in the quotation process
there is pressure to create an offer in a timely manner


Consistent fast & easy visual planning with automated quote generation
Inspire customers & spark emotions
Single Source Of Truth
Error-free and intelligent planning
New sales channel: Internet/Homepage

What our clients say:

“In 91interactive, we have found the ideal partner.”

Maximilian Perret, Schnaithmann Maschinenbau GmbH

The way out of time-consuming solution planning and quoting

Over the last few years, we have developed an on-target method to minimize obstacles on your way to achieve effective solution planning and quoting quickly with minimal obstacles.

In three steps we lead you from the first idea to a clear and detailed roadmap. This enables your company to quickly reach its first measurable successes without losing time.

1. Check Up & Vision

3PLEX is a platform for selling complex, modular and variant products or systems.

2. Workshop “First Steps”

Together we strengthen your vision and develop a detailed roadmap with action steps and recommendations.

3. Getting to your sales tool with confidence

The results of the “First Steps” workshop and the roadmap are now implemented. At the end, your 3PLEX integration is optimized and customized for you.

Enabling online sales

3PLEX makes it possible for your company to sell complex and variant products online. Our unique system architecture allows us to map any product and any system in such a way that no deep and detailed knowledge of all details is required. Intelligent algorithms and thought out user experience by our experts help to achieve this.

No matter how you strategically decide to use 3PLEX in your sales process, whether as a self-service, e-commerce platform, internal tool or hybrid solution, you will save thousands of hours in quoting and customer acquisition while boosting your revenue.

Many companies are not aware of the great demand and willingness of their customers to participate in planning processes themselves or even to take over these processes entirely on their own. Current studies show that already today in the B2B area, about 80% of decision-makers would like to have such possibilities.

3PLEX – Features

3PLEX smart planning

Smart CAD-Planning-Tool

Plan your product with 3PLEX in just a few clicks in the specially adapted, intelligent planning tool. 3PLEX combines ease of use with guided selling approaches and intelligent systems. In this way, you achieve foolproof planning of your product – error-free and precise. Whether as an e-commerce solution or an internal sales tool.

3PLEX uses physically based rendering

Real-time photorealistic graphics

Experience photo-realistic graphics at the touch of a button in your browser with 3PLEX and amaze your customers. Allow your customers to view every detail from every angle and make your customer solution tangible, automatically and without any additional effort.

3PLEX ist Web VR und AR fähig

Virtual & Augmented Reality

3PLEX can also present your solution in virtual and augmented reality. Or configure and plan your next project intuitively as a team or together with your customer in VR or AR space. With our cutting-edge technology, 3PLEX offers possibilities for high-tech VR & AR glasses as well as for application in the browser and for smartphone and tablet.

3PLEX enables collaborative working and selling

Plan and present productively together

3PLEX is the only software on the market that allows you to plan and configure your system or product collaboratively and intuitively. No matter where you are in the world, use 3PLEX to work together virtually at the same time. For this purpose, 3PLEX has its own integrated video and voice chat.

3PLEX Quote Tool Web Editor

Save time and money with automatic quote generation

Spend more time on the important things, such as intensive customer consulting or new customer acquisition. With 3PLEX, quotations and calculations are created automatically on the fly. You plan and configure, 3PLEX creates a correct and comprehensive offer for your solution at the push of a button.
Needless to say, you can also edit them directly in the browser if necessary.

3PLEX offers a built in analytics tool


3PLEX captures all data relevant to you from all steps of the planning and quotation process. You want to know which product generates the most interest? Which components are used in which situations? The aggregated data gives you a deep insight into your product world.

3PLEX Visual Rule Engine

Customizable at any time

With the 3PLEX Rule Engine you can autonomously adapt your system at any time, change rules and set new standards. This makes it easy to manage your range of options as well as your prices.

3PLEX can export and import CAD Data

Import and Export

Through the integrated CAD pipeline in 3PLEX, we can import and export all common neutral CAD data. Of course, high-resolution images as well as plans can also be generated and downloaded at the click of a button.